Monday, July 12, 2010

Face the difficulties

”Failure is the step to success ” means a person who fails will succeed in life.Today we see many people committing suicide for getting for one or the other thing.They must not do so.If a person gets failed he must not lose hope and must make his mind strong and plan for the next achievement.So a person who gets failed in exams or in any other ways must think about the success and must not change the mind.But this does not mean that a person must get failed.

There are many personalities in the world who have come up after getting failed.We must take them as our role models and must not get depressed for getting failed.Remember,suicide is not the solution for every problem.Be happy for what god has given and enjoy it.Don't develop bad habits just for getting failed,instead develop good habits.Be positive ,you will surely succeed in life.Thank god for giving a precious gift to you and feel lucky to enjoy it .Every person thinks that others are happier than them.But it is not like that everyone will be having their own problem.If you get depressed for some reasons consult a counselor who will do the counseling to you.Some people develop bad habits like smoking, drinking ,taking drugs etc. just for getting failed or for some other reasons.So my suggestion or advice to all the youngsters of this society is don't feel sad for the problems you get in life and be strong to face it.Best of luck to all for your exciting future.

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