Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Defining Profitability

There are some fundamental principles of how to define a possibly profitable trade, i.e. to find a good trading opportunity. Some of these criteria include low levels of risk involvement, high degree of possible profitability and fitness to trading plans. All these aspects should be admitted by the trader even before he enters the financial market. The best combination of these factors is the main rule of money management in Forex exchange market. Let us speak in details about each factor.

The first thing to remember is that every trade involves certain degree of risk (unless you trade demo). This criterion is individual for each trader and the decision should be grounded on the amount of capital he possesses. Every trader should trade using the money he can afford to lose.

The degree of risk should be calculated for each separate trade. Analyzing the risk, a trader may estimate the divine proportion between the level of risk and possible profitability. The best combination of these two parameters provides the best trading results, as many experienced traders say. An in depth analysis of profitability involves evaluation of possible level of risk, estimating potential profit, probability of success, time for implementation of a transaction. Only if a trader has got clear view towards all of these criteria, he should engage into currency trading.

Keep in mind time criterion

Risk is always treated as an integral part of profitability, but concluding a transaction when risk exceeds profitability is a serious mistake. The main principle of risk management is that the best trading opportunities are those providing high profitability with low risk. Evaluation of time is also important as time restrictions may affect trader`s activity. For example, if a trader is not capable to monitor his screen for the whole day, intraday trading would not fit him. If he has no time to follow and control the trades, the degree of possible losses increases dramatically. The best trading opportunities should fit trader`s time criteria.

When a trader assumes the outcome, the position is viewed as a simple instruction to act and if a trader has no understanding of characteristics of the trade, it is better to stay away from trading. Tracing the history of trades is also useful, however, every trade is unique and should fit individual characteristics of a trader in order to attain success in the long run.

Investment requirements

Besides, every trade is supposed to fit investment requirements of traders. This definitely would vary from one trader to another one. Everyone wants to make money, however, risk should be estimated. Traders are advised to choose the most appropriate period of time for trading as well as regularity of conducting trades.

Unless a trader completely assumes what he is doing he is required to start with small portions. Fractional lots would not bring high profit, but they would help you eliminate the risk of being swept away from the market.

Keep in mind these principles as they will help you become a more successful trader. Never let profitable trades hamper your further considerations. Only one possible mistake may spoil your trading result. Each trader ought to start form small portions and let your account grow.

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