Sunday, July 18, 2010

Earn Your Way

Earn Your Way

Throughout my life like many others, I have been blessed with some things and some people. On the other hand I have had to work very hard for something and some relationships in my life.

Was it just handed to you?

We hear so many times in the news where some famous person left a huge inheritance or company to their child. We hear how this son or daughter spends the inheritance to impress others or enhance their lifestyle and within years they are so miserable and/or broke. We hear about how some individuals that win the lottery and think that now with money all their problems will be gone. On the contrary, their problems are now compounded to an extreme unimaginable and within a few years they have lost everything. They have lost most if not all their money, friends, family and freedom. In my opinion this happens because they did not earn their money and they never learned the power of earning your way.

Earning As Simple as a Coffee Mug

I was inspired just yesterday when I went to the mailbox and found a white box shoved in the back of the mailbox. This white box had me quite intrigued as there was no holiday coming up, and my birthday is months away. So I had no clue! I knew I hadn't ordered anything recently, but there still was this white box. I looked at the sender and it was from, a website that I continually submit articles. I went inside the house like a little kid to open up this box. Once I got it open I found there was a coffee mug and nice leather coaster. The mug and coaster both have verbiage stating my expert status and also a card was in the box stating how they felt about my valuable content I provided them. I had earned this status, something that I accomplished, a skill that I could teach others.

What the Mug Means to Me

While this is just a coffee mug, it has a different meaning to me than my other 20 coffee mugs. I earned it! I was dedicated up front to add valuable content to people's lives without expecting anything in return. All along I knew providing quality content to the world has the ability to inspire another or enhance their quality of life. You may be reading this and thinking, "Robert, it's a mug!" You couldn't be more right, but do you know the power of earning your way? In your life think of what you have earned: a diploma, a degree, an award, a position, your lifestyle, or even consider the relationship with your spouse and/or friends. Think of how you earned the respect of others. What did you have to endure to get to your goal?

The power of earning your way is one not to be forgotten or doubted. Earning you way leads to leadership, being able to help others in a way many can't. Earning your way comes with experiences, some good and some bad but experiences never the less. You cannot replace experience, it forms you and I to become the leaders we are. Earn your way. Help others. If you accept handouts, what does it teach you? If you learn, earn your way, and then teach others what does this accomplish? You are learning and giving back to humanity in a positive way. So in closing I have to say there is nothing better than Earning your Way.

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