Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How They Affect Our Life Ambitions

As humans we are born and bred in an environment full of people who affect our thought patterns and thus influence us in one way or another. Our behavior as we grow up is determined a lot by the standards and expectations of society in general. In the later stages of life, an adult is able to comfortably break from the barriers of society and live in a totally different world, if he so chooses.

Since our thought patterns and behaviors are largely influenced by our peers and workmates, many times they have been the cause of our downfall. You are more likely to be discouraged by your friends whom you trust than by your enemies.

Your thought patterns usually tend to conform to your social environment. Normally when under influence, one does not realize that they are being discouraged. Therefore you ought to free your mind and allow your imagination to flow freely without limits. It might be very difficult to think of your trusted friends as your enemies, but for you to reach and realize your ambitions you must be unilateral in decision-making.

As you know discouragement is usually indirect and it eats away at our vision, thought patterns and hence offsets failure. It has a strong effect on self-motivation and leads to procrastination. In the long-run you develop a sense of pessimism and you may end up giving up due to prevailing challenges.

Experts in psychology advise that you make a deliberate choice of taking full control of your life and thus avoid negative thought patterns at all costs. You must also seek possible sources of motivation and inspiration so that you can be guaranteed of achieving success in life.

Effective Methods To Improve Your Iq

Your brain is just like a muscle in that it needs exercise to keep fit. The more you use it, the more you will be able to focus and the better thinker you will become. Unlike a machine that might wear out if you use it too much, your ability to think and concentrate will decrease if you don't use your brain regularly.

To get you started with improving your brain power, here a 5 easy ways to exercise your brain:

1. Watch Less TV. This is a tough one. Most people (me included) love dumping themselves on the sofa in front of the TV in order to relax. The problem with this is that you aren't using using your brain much or allowing it a chance to recharge. Instead of watching TV in an attempt to relax try reading a book or listening to some music instead. Leave to TV of when you're with friends and family and have a conversation instead. This is a lot more relaxing than watching TV and also gives your brain some much needed exercise.

2. Physical Exercise. Time spent exercising is the precursor to improved learning and productivity. Exercising releases some "feel good" hormones that leave you feeling invigorated afterwards and that help with improved concentration.

3. Read Something Challenging. Most popular suspense fiction and romance novels don't offer much in terms of mental stimulation. To improve your writing and thinking prowess, try reading books that force you to focus and concentrate. You can improve your language skills by reverting to some of the classic novels. If there are words you don't know or understand, look them up. These books may change your world views and teach you a thing or two. After reading a few challenging books and feeling the excitement of learning something new, you probably won't go back to reading the fluffy romance novels or trashy suspense-thrillers.

4. Get Enough Sleep. Sleep deprivation makes it incredibly hard to focus and concentrate. The best way to feel rejuvenated is to go to bed early and to get a solid 8 hours of sleep. Staying up late and then sleeping late to compensate doesn't help as you'll just feel tired and won't be able to properly focus or concentrate. Get up early as the early morning hours are the most tranquil and relaxing and you'll also have more productive hours in your day. If you feel drowsy at any time, try taking a 10-20 minute nap when you get the opportunity. Keep it short though as anything longer will just make you feel lethargic when you wake up.

5. Take Time For Reflection. Sometimes life gets so hectic that we get overwhelmed without even realizing it. Thoughts keep racing through our minds and we find it hard to switch off. Taking a break and spending some alone allows you to gather your thoughts and organize your mind. Doing this will help you to sort the important issues from the less important and you'll feel a lot less pressured or stressed. A great way to get the solitude required for this exercise is to take a walk. This takes care of two steps at once: you get some physical exercise and you get some quiet time to reflect.

Monday, April 26, 2010

MLM Company Solve A Problem?

One of the biggest mistakes in the MLM industry is people picking companies with products or services that don't solve a problem or don't solve a big enough problem. There's a very basic formula that will help you when deciding whether to join a company.


The order of this formula is critically important. First, there's a problem. Then there's a solution. And finally, there's an opportunity that arises.

With most network marketing companies, the first thing you here about is the opportunity; the opportunity for wealth, freedom, lifestyle and on and on. Some of these may be great companies, but before you decide to join, make sure you fully understand the problem and the solution.

Understanding the Problem and the Solution

Throughout history, there have been great problems solved with great solutions. For example –

The need to preserve food longer resulted in the refrigerator
The need for faster transportation resulted in the car
The need to quickly and easily manage a computer resulted in Microsoft
The need to not contract polio resulted in the polio vaccine

The bigger the problem and the more people the problem impacts, the greater need for a solution. But not all solutions have success. We've all heard the stories about the latest and greatest new thing. But most never make it to market. Why? There are a million reasons why. So instead of looking at why solutions fail, let's look and what great solutions have in common.

Here are some of the common traits for great products or services:

Breakthrough – something that is unique to the marketplace
Protected – the solution can't be easily duplicated due to cost or patent protection
Effective – the solution works and it can be proven to work
Need – the product or service is needed by a large percentage of people
Timing – the solution is coming to market at the right time
Company Strength – the solution is being brought to market by a company with strong leaders and has financial strength

So, when you're looking for a company, first find a really big problem and then look for the best solution. What you'll find is the bigger the problem and the better the solution, the better the opportunity is for you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ways to Save More Money For Credit Card Debt

For most of the credit card holders in United States, they are extremely stressful when they receive their bank statements every month. They find it challenging to reduce their outstanding balances when they start accumulating more and more debts.

If you are one of them, here are practical ways for you to refer:

1) In order to eliminate your debts, you must change your spending habits. Stop using your cards to purchase things and services. Spend within the limit, i.e. your cash on hand.

2) Put in effort to request from your banks to reduce your interest rates for your multiple cards. It will be ideal if the creditors agree with that because you can avoid yourself from paying the interest through the nose. If they are not willing to do so, negotiate with them to waive the annual fees.

3) Apply for part time job so that you are able to earn more income per month. Utilize the extra income to pay your outstanding. Make sure you pay more than the monthly minimum amount.

4) Cut down your daily meal expenses if possible. This can be done by avoiding yourself from dining out.

5) Stop incurring expenses for entertainment such as clubbing, partying, going for box offices, etc.

6) Change your shopping style. If you used to purchase luxurious items previously, you should stop doing so. If you used to purchase sundries in bulk, you should only buy the items when needed.

7) It is a wise step if you could start working on your monthly budget. Pay off the credit card bills in correct sequence. Start with the bill with highest interest rate so that you can get rid of the bill within the shortest time. It will definitely help you to save a lot of money.

8) You can gain some extra income by selling off some old stuff. If you have a lot of unnecessary items at home, you are advised to organize a garage sale and sell off your things to raise fund.

Bear in mind that not all the items may suit your situation. You can choose anyone that fits you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Make A Wise Decision While Buying An Engagement Ring

When a man takes a decision of spending rest of his life with someone who is very special to him, he wants to propose her in a very special and different manner. The best way to propose her is offering her a ring. Taking such decision means there should be something very special, which can keep the passion of love high.

Deciding for the engagement ring definitely needs time and enough budgets to search for the best option. Engagement rings are made of different metals and stones like diamond, gold, platinum and silver etc. However, when it comes to diamond engagement rings you can find a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes available in these rings. Diamond is elegant, attractive, and stylish but at the same time expensive too. Mostly people from the high gentry buy diamond engagement rings. Celebrities are also highly engaged in buying the diamond engagement rings. You can also buy vongola rings if you don't have enough budget for diamonds.

Gold rings may also serve you as a better option when diamond engagement rings are just out of our reach. Gold is also a costly metal but quite cheap as compared to diamond. Gold is the most commonly used metal in the engagement rings and its demand in the market is quite high. However silver is also used for making engagement rings but it is quite cheap and not known for having a durable nature. Therefore people do not commonly use it.

Engagement rings are very important for any couple because they are the first brick of building a new life and a bright future. While making a decision of buying engagement ring one should first consider different aspects for making a wise decision. It will help him to start a new relationship in a nice way.

Monday, April 19, 2010

How To Overcome Life Obstacles

We live in a life of challenges and at one point or another in life you must have felt so discouraged that you seriously considered giving up. Everyone reaches a point of weakness, emotional breakdown and extremely low morale. But you must never give up or lose hope. Always arise after falling and inspire yourself even to achieve more than ever before.

Before undertaking any venture, it is advisable that you consider this life of challenges is inevitable. You must never undermine life obstacles or assume that you are strong enough to cope with them. It is very vital that you acquire the right mental preparedness to handle problems and to move on after setbacks.

In this life of challenges, problems will always arise and the only way to counter is to face them. Do not to try getting around challenges. If you put your best foot forward trying to find a solution, more likely than not you will succeed. In most cases it may not be easy to get a fully satisfying answer but remember, in case of a setback it is always imperative to find the quickest way to get back on track.

Therefore, do not look for the perfect solution or ideal circumstance to tackle this life of challenges. We human beings are imperfect thus the pursuit for perfection will be futile. You need to work with the current conditions and what you have at hand thus be in a position to move on.

In any case whenever you delay solving a problem or spend too much time on it, you lose precious time. Hence you need to tackle them as soon as they arise. A positivism of thinking will do you much good and always know that if you tackle an issue now you may not have to worry about it later.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to save money on credit cards

How to save money on credit cards This article will guide you on how to save money on credit cards. You can save up money which would otherwise be gone if you sign up with regular credit cards being offered before. Why is this happening? Why not? We all deserve to save up some of our money with all the purchases we make. But the reason behind all this credit card offers is because the competition to get the business of even existing card holders, not just new credit card applicants, is really heating up and these credit card companies are returning some of the money back just so you will go with them. This is really great news for us. But then again, before choosing a credit card that you think has really great offers, make sure to understand its terms first. You may end up losing more money than you did with your previous card. Here are some of the credit card offers that you can avail off from some of the major banks that provide credit card services, this can provide you a glimpse on how you save money through their offers; ALL ABOUT CREDIT CARDS • Chase Manhattan Bank – offers cash plus rewards, value miles, gas rebates, you can earn a mile for every dollar that you purchase, you can get free DVD's or CD's, earn points from shopping in selected establishments and a lot more. • Capital One – provides great rewards for those who frequently travel and uses their credit card for their purchases. Other offers include waved annual membership fee, miles earned don’t expire, cash backs, annual bonus and insurance against theft, physical damage, and loss on rental cars. They also offer extended warranties on your purchases and a lot more offers. • Citibank – offers low APR's for one year, instant application approval, waived annual fee, no liability on fraudulent card usage, cash gifts, miles and points rewards for purchases and a host of others as well. • American Express – Provides great cash backs, free rewards programs, very low interest rates, waived annual fees, zero percent APR, low balance transfer rates, travel accident insurance plans, buyer assurance plans, free tickets to major events like concerts, games plus an assortment of other offers. • Visa – easy accessibility with ATM's all over the world, bonus miles, zero percent APR, low interest rates, low balance transfer rates, cash backs, rewards, exclusive discounts, free accounts, waived annual fees and a lot more. These are just some of what these banks and other credit card establishments have been dangling to lure clients into their fold. With these credit card offers, you will surely be able to enjoy the perks and benefits of owning a credit card. They are virtually paying you to use their cards. But of course, getting these rewards and offers must mean you have to posses a good credit rating. People with a bad credit score can avail of some of the offers but only limited. So make sure that you handle owning a credit card right. Because if you have a good credit record, these credit card institutions will be waiting for you, offering you everything they can just to do business with you. Today is the great time to enjoy owning a credit card, and make some money out of it as well.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Things to consider when choosing credit card

It seems that almost everywhere you look, there’s a different credit card being offered, with different rates and features. If you want to apply for a credit card in South Africa, there are many different options, and choosing the right credit card is important.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of cards out there. Because in fact, narrowing down your choice is not too tricky. Once you’ve separated the quality credit cards from the less desirable ones, you’ll be left with a few top options. Then, it’s just a case of choosing the one that offers the features and benefits you most want.

Need a little more advice? Read on to find out what to consider when choosing a credit card.

5 Things to consider when choosing a credit card

1) Who is the lender?
There are plenty of lenders who woo their customers with brightly-coloured cards or clever marketing tricks. But the design of the card should be the last thing on your mind! Choose a reputable, trusted lender. Ask around, and speak to your family and friends. When choosing a lender, you want the backing of a reliable, well-established company with a proven track record.

2) What is the interest rate?
The interest rate you pay on your credit card could make a significant difference to your instalments, particularly if you take some time to settle your outstanding balances. While the interest rate will also be influenced by your credit score, certain credit cards offer more competitive interest rates than others.

3) Are there rewards?
Not all credit cards offer rewards, and for some credit users, a straight-forward, classic credit card is the optimum choice – particularly for newer or younger cardholders. However, if you use your card frequently, and tend to settle outstanding balances promptly, consider a rewards credit card. For regular credit users, the rewards are significant – and even more so if you’re a prompt payer.

4) What are the credit card fees?
Every credit card has associated fees. There is usually an annual card fee, and there will also be fees for transactions, additional cards and replacements. Some credit cards may not have an annual fee, but the transaction fees could be very high – or the interest-free period could be shorter. Consider all these costs to find an affordable deal. Remember that the “cheapest” card may not necessarily be the best quality one.

5) Is there an interest-free period?
Some credit cards offer an interest-free period, and you won’t pay any interest on your outstanding balance when settled within this time. The length of the interest-free period varies from bank to bank, and for many cardholders, it’s vital in keeping credit card expenses down. If you’re a prompt payer, an interest-free period could help you to avoid paying credit card interest altogether.

Find the right credit card online
Use the credit card comparison tools online for even more help in finding the ideal credit card. Then apply online for the South African credit card of your choice.