Monday, April 26, 2010

MLM Company Solve A Problem?

One of the biggest mistakes in the MLM industry is people picking companies with products or services that don't solve a problem or don't solve a big enough problem. There's a very basic formula that will help you when deciding whether to join a company.


The order of this formula is critically important. First, there's a problem. Then there's a solution. And finally, there's an opportunity that arises.

With most network marketing companies, the first thing you here about is the opportunity; the opportunity for wealth, freedom, lifestyle and on and on. Some of these may be great companies, but before you decide to join, make sure you fully understand the problem and the solution.

Understanding the Problem and the Solution

Throughout history, there have been great problems solved with great solutions. For example –

The need to preserve food longer resulted in the refrigerator
The need for faster transportation resulted in the car
The need to quickly and easily manage a computer resulted in Microsoft
The need to not contract polio resulted in the polio vaccine

The bigger the problem and the more people the problem impacts, the greater need for a solution. But not all solutions have success. We've all heard the stories about the latest and greatest new thing. But most never make it to market. Why? There are a million reasons why. So instead of looking at why solutions fail, let's look and what great solutions have in common.

Here are some of the common traits for great products or services:

Breakthrough – something that is unique to the marketplace
Protected – the solution can't be easily duplicated due to cost or patent protection
Effective – the solution works and it can be proven to work
Need – the product or service is needed by a large percentage of people
Timing – the solution is coming to market at the right time
Company Strength – the solution is being brought to market by a company with strong leaders and has financial strength

So, when you're looking for a company, first find a really big problem and then look for the best solution. What you'll find is the bigger the problem and the better the solution, the better the opportunity is for you.

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