Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Making the Most of Paperless Billing

Going green is not just a trend, it is a smart decision that both consumers and businesses benefit from. Ironically, many of the environmentally beneficial solutions are also economically beneficial. E-billing is a prime example of a business solution that works to save money and the environment.

It can cost hundreds of dollars to mail out invoices, receipts, and other bills to your clients. First you have to pay for the production of this material, and then you have to pay for the distribution. However, e-billing is a low cost alternative that even a small business can afford.

Especially if you work with international clients, e-billing is a foolproof and vital method to deliver important information at a very low price.

Benefits of E-Billing

Clearly, the money saved on production and distribution of paper billing gives e-billing a large financial advantage over alternative billing methods.

E-billing is obviously beneficial to the environment, but there are other benefits of e-billing to be aware of.

The environmental benefits of e-billing also affect the perspective of a customer. When a business offers the option of paperless billing, this builds rapport with an environmentally conscious consumer and can help to increase customer satisfaction, retention, and even referrals.

Not only does e-billing cut costs and environmental waste; but paperless billing offers a whole new element to billing that simple ink and paper can't provide. The end user benefits are limitless. More information can be made available in a statement provided through the internet, and there is less confusion on the clients end. (Nobody likes to feel confused over a bill!)

In fact, when the right information is given, you will also save money by cutting back on customer service calls!

A good e-billing service provider will offer useful templates and resources to ensure that an end user receives the most important information (based on independent research.)

One of the greatest benefits to paperless billing is how quickly an e-bill can reach the client. Instead of waiting days, even weeks, for the information to arrive... a valued client may instead receive important information in a matter of seconds, or minutes after being sent. (The quicker a bill or invoice is received, the quicker a payment is received.)

In Summary

Paperless billing saves environmental waste. Both businesses and consumers are participating actively in "going green" not because it is a trend, but because it is important to conserve and reduce waste.

E-billing is a green business solution that will build rapport and increase sales by increasing customer satisfaction.

By cutting back on the costs of production and distribution of paper billing, you will save a whopping amount of money and time. Important information will reach clients much quicker if you use paperless billing, and each transaction can be completed in a shorter amount of time than would be possible with paper billing.

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