Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Establish your family first

It is an old saying that each one of us must see that charity begins at home. We have been provided with a family which can include our parents, our children and our life partner and these people have become our responsibility. If we are not taking care of these people, even God would not listen to us. God has given these people to us and has placed all these people in our custody and care and since this duty has been imposed upon us by God, we must see that all are maintained well.

We shall have to earn money for the maintenance of these people and at the same time, we shall have to see that all are provided with food, with clothes, with shelter, with education, with care, with treatment when they are ill, are given training, all are provided work, all are coming up and are learning the art of living and standing on their own feet. The number of duties is on the higher side, but still we are to bear all these burdens and we shall have to see that all their demands are fulfilled and none is des-satisfied with our performance.

So if you are head of the family, you must take interest in each member of the family. We should be thankful to those elders who had established this marriage system and with the birth of this system, this family system has come into being. The family is the first unit of this society. If families are settled well, we can say that the society is well settled and if families are not well settled, we can say that society is not well settled and then we can say that the country has been left behind. Therefore, each one who is the head of the family must ensure that he is taking interest in each member of the family and is ensuring that his family shall not bring a bad name for the society and for the nation.

Since charity begins at home, it is our first duty that each penny we earn must be spent for the welfare of each member of the family and the head of the family should not waste this money outside the house on others and even in charity because when our people are in need of money and our help, we must meet their demands first and only then we should look after the welfare of others. If all the families are taking care of their own members, none shall demand help from others i.e. from outside the family. The people who do not give proper education, proper training and proper adjustment and settlement to the family members, they are committing crimes, sins and misconduct and they are producing people who shall be dangerous to the society and even to the country in which they live. So when charity does not begins at home, the people shall be producing bad people and they shall become dangerous to the nation and then to the world.

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