Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing is a legitimate profession and an excellent opportunity to make money online but it is by no means a get rich quick scheme. Income is virtually unlimited depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put into learning the craft and implementing the strategies.

Affiliate Marketing is simply you, the affiliate marketer, driving traffic to a merchant's website that offers a product or a service. The merchant gives you a tracking id or unique affiliate link and if you direct a customer to them through your link and they buy a product or service, you are a paid a commission on the sale. Your affiliate link is recorded in the cookies of the customers computer so even if they don't buy right away, every time they return to merchants website it will credit your affiliate link if they purchase something and you get paid.

Getting traffic to the merchant is accomplished by posting your unique affiliate tracking link in blogs, forums, emails, and other various areas touting the product or service of the merchant. If you are fortunate enough to already have a high traffic website or blog, simply posting the link on your website or blog will surely drive traffic to your merchants and generate commissions for you.

The great thing about Affiliate Marketing is you can get started with little or no upfront money. Virtually all merchants that sell products and services online will allow you to become and affiliate of theirs for free. This is because you will be bringing them business they otherwise would not have gotten without you. Some merchants will pay commissions as high as 60% of the products selling price.

If you have done any research on Affiliate Marketing I am sure you have run across many websites promising overnight riches with their make money online "secrets". These websites are the biggest scams going online and it is amazing to me how many people spend money on these ridiculous programs. Remember...There Is No Way To Get Rich Quick Online! You need to have the proper training and be willing to put the time in.

If you are interested in Affiliate Marketing I highly recommend you approach it like any other profession. You must first get guidance and learn the craft from those that already know the business. Let's say you decided to become a Brain Surgeon. You can't just walk in a hospital one day, throw on a mask and perform Brain Surgery! You will quickly end up with a dead patient on the operating table! Affiliate Marketing is no different. If you try to just jump in without proper training and guidance you are doomed for disappointment and certain failure.

In the process of trying to learn Affiliate Marketing, I have wasted my share of money on programs and e-books that promise to "show the way" to Affiliate Marketing success. Some of them had useful information about how to make money online in this business but provided only pieces of the puzzle. I tried in vain to implement the strategies I learned from them and did not make a single dime!

About three months ago, I came across a website that was claiming to be an Affiliate University. After reviewing the website and doing extensive research with Google, I was pleased to discover that it was not only a legitimate online course in Affiliate Marketing, but it was formed and is operated by two highly successful Affiliates Kyle and Carson, who have earned over $1,000,000.00 in this business that now dedicate 100% of their time teaching it to others. It is an entire online community of beginners and professionals alike all sharing ideas and strategies helping each other succeed in this business.

After a few weeks as a member of the Affiliate University I finally earned my first commission check. Granted it was only $15.00 bucks but it felt to me like $15,000.00. I was very excited that I had succeeded and proven to myself that this really works.

Three months later I am now earning on average $35.00 bucks a day on auto pilot with various marketing campaigns I learned from the Affiliate University. Even if you are not very Web savvy Kyle and Carson provide you with complete turn-key campaigns to get you started earning right away.

I am still a member of the Affiliate University and am currently working on bigger and more complex campaigns. I have set the bar higher for myself and now have a personal goal to surpass $100.00 a day in Affiliate Marketing revenue by the end of the year.

Keys to Success in Affiliate Marketing are:

1. Get Proper Training

2. Set Reasonable Goals

3. Put The Time and Effort In

4. Don't Give Up

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