Monday, June 7, 2010

Effective online marketing campaign for your Home Business

One of the very first objectives of a home based business owner should be developing a marketing plan. And one should not wait for getting the business up and running to initiate a marketing campaign. You should start finding new customers as soon as the seeds of the home based business are sowed in your head.

Although the plan may and should be tweaked as you move ahead. Following are a set of tips which can help you out in reaching out to potential customers and not only making them buy your stuff, but bringing them back again and again.

1) You can do a lot of good to your business by just talking about it and spreading awareness about among your inner circle of friends and families, people who you interact regularly. You might get your first customers from them or from people they personally know.

2) Leverage your email signature. Include a link to your website in your email signature and a small 1-2 line description of it. Include it in all of your mails, be it a direct message or a joke you forward. People whom you email, may forward your email further, getting you an exponential recognition.

3) Set aside a monthly budget to use programs like email marketing to an existing opt in list, pay per click advertising and affiliate marketing. Do it gradually and don't spend it all with a bang. And never ever indulge in anything which creates an image of yours as a spammer.

4) Make sure to regularly update your blog or website. Search engines have an affinity for good content, written with a good keyword density. If possible make a provision for your readers to interact among each other. But never ever copy content. You would end up getting penalized.

5) Track your PPC campaigns regularly. Keep an eye on what keywords are performing well, tweak a lot if required but do it with care.

6) Try everything you can to provide your customer with a positive and WOW experience when they are on your website. Satisfied customers bring repeat business which does not cost a lot and help in word of mouth publicity too. You never know if your product is interesting you may end up becoming the next big viral success :)

7) Try to build a emailing list for yourself. And keep on sending regular updates, offers, website changes info or any other promotional offers. These could be random or monthly, weekly newsletters. Or it can be just useful information or article related to your niche.

It will always help in long term if you keep costs to a minimum, even when times are good. And keep yourself updated and keep on looking for new opportunities.

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