Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Be happy

While people own several diversified purposes,there is an almost general fundamental goal :to be happy!

There are lots of things which make us happy,but often we stress over not having accomplished our purposes or ,worst ,we reach them and we discover that we are not happy yet .This may be bedeviling and implores the interrogation "how does one accomplish the goal of being happy?".

Researches show that happiness is a mood that does not have to do with tangible goods or great accomplishment,it appears to wear away to your expectation about living and the quality of your relationships with the others .

Most of us spend a lot of time producing money because we think that they are going to bring happiness in our life or they will defend us against matters which can make us unpleasant.We should know that jobs gives us happiness..

Lifestyle is just component of the happiness equation.Your mental attitude about living and the matters which encounter to you daily may also affect your general degree of felicity and life gratification.

So lifestyle characteristics have an important impact on individual happiness levels,but what is more significant is ones posture towards life.

As we all know , optimists incline to be happier then the others because they have a specific way of thinking which offers more achiever,dandier wellness,great satisfaction and they have an internal locus of control; they believe that they are the masters of their destiny instead of victims of hazard .

Most people have done everything that was possible in order to have the best career and they are successful ,but still unhappy..It is also common that you are surrounded by a wonderful house ,a great car and stuff like that and you still have little individual satisfaction.What make you happy?

It can be said that there lots of factors which make you happy but you should keep a balance between them:social affirm,individual evolution,personal wellness and significant goals,financial security and meaning career.These factors combined are expected to bring you the happiness that you are waiting for.

Try to be happy! Make some positive changes in your life gradually ,following three important steps:

- for the beginning,adjust belittled gettable goals

- then ,repay your advance for every small purpose ,offering yourselves the opportunity to be proud and to have an reward

- and ,finally ,do not forget to draft social support.Tell the others about your successes,this is going to offer you more strength and will make it less likable to abandon.Explain yourselves to the ones you care!

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