Sunday, September 13, 2009

Writing For Excellence and Profitability

Writing lately has grown to an industry that can help you earn enough money without ever leaving your house. It’s simple and inexpensive as it only requires an internet connection and a computer. There are however some limitations on the capacity of one writing excellently and increase their profitability. My 10 tips for article writers is a sure way to boost your impact online. I guarantee maximum turnaround on use of the following tips.

1. Be Personal
Write as if you are referring to that one person who is reading. This will make it look more personal thereby the readers enjoy reading your article as you converse to them.
2. Be Professional
Use of white spaces makes articles presentable and professional and makes readers be able to read although at ease making them glued to it. Make use of paragraphs too as it helps break boredom.
3. Check for errors.
Always ensure your articles have no grammatical or spelling error, proof read to ensure that the sentences make sense and no words are omitted or used incorrectly. You can have a friend go over it too to avoid using the same mindset employed during writing as you are likely not to observe any mistakes.
4. Attend to feedback
Pay attention to feedback you get from your readers. This can help you become better in your writing especially after a negative criticism or just help you come clear of your view on the article where a reader doesn’t understand. Suggestive feedback can also give you ideas on which other topics to write about next.
5. Be ready to try
To become an article writer whose artwork is profitable, Trying different writing skills and incorporating more article types is not an option but a necessary move to stay new. Also try writing on different topics but still within your niche so as to be relevant to a larger audience.
6. Keep Copies of your work
Always keep files of published, unpublished and unfinished work. You may need to rewrite them latter or just have time to finish. Incase of online publishers, the old soft copies of your work can be printed out as hard copies and be more profitable.
7. Develop Affiliates
As an article writer who wants to excel and be profitable, running an affiliate program where you let them publish with their url on your resource box enables them promote your work to their visitors hence increasing your sales and referrals to your site.
8. Create E-books
By creating e-books from your published articles and creating affiliates to increase sales will make you excel as profitability sores up. Subscribing to eZine will distribute your work and url to new readers and help you market and brand yourself online as a professional article writer.
9. Try article Swaps
Swaps for article writers are important as it helps in getting reciprocal links and more useful content for your site from other writers. By doing this, you not only get new content but also reach a wider audience than if solo. Participate in article swaps.
10. Allow subscription
Excellence in article writing is greatly determined by readers, create a list that people can subscribe to that announces when you've written a new article or published one.

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