Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to make money online

Blogs are completely free to set up. They are hosted on free web space and usually come with a free domain name. This is the reason why there are so many blogs on the internet. They have become so popular nowadays because of their erase of setup besides being affordable to everyone.

To start making money online, you will need to create a blog. I would recommend using to make your first blog. You can also use other blogging softwares such as b2evolution. An example of a blog made with b2evo can be found at Introduce interesting and good content to your blog. You will make good money if you come up with an interesting, entertaining and unique blog that will outstand from other blogs.

How to Make Money from a Blog

There are various options that you can employ to make money online once you have gained good traffic to your website or blog. There are some content based advertisements that you can introduce into your blog to start making money. You can join one of these money making programs like Google ad sense, Kontera, Bidvertiser, adbrite or Adengage. These programs work by implementing their advertising code on your blog so that advertisements that relates to the content of your blog can be shown. When a visitor to your blog clicks on one of these advertisements you will earn some money. So the greater the traffic to your website the more you will earn.

Another money making way is to join affiliate program. Once you join these affiliate programs you will be give a referral link such that if a visitor joins the program through your link you will earn a commission. You can monetize your blog by adding some of the affiliate links

Once you get good traffic to your website, you may get ranked high by Google. Google assigns page ranks to website and they range from 0 (poor ranking) to 10 (high ranking). Having a good page rank may result in other website buying text links from you and thus you will end up making money from these text links you sell.

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  1. Thank you for the informative post.

    If you want a successful internet business that will create you passive income, pick a product that you believe in. Also, the product cannot of substandard quality because in the end it will cost you money, potential customers and time.

    When choosing the right online business look to see if it has potential. If it does ask yourself “How much time and effort will it take from you to make a profit? Your answer will determine if the business is right for you.