Sunday, September 25, 2011

Save an Extra $31.50 per week

An extra income of $1,500 a year would pay off some bills or fund a nice vacation. While not everyone can get $1,500 raise in their salary every time they want, just about anyone can save that amount from their budget. If you break it down it adds up to $125 a month or $31.25 a week. Save that amount of money from your weekly expenses and you’ll have the entire $1,500 or at the end of the year. Cut out one large expense or few small ones to create extra $31.25 in your budget every week.

Stop your coffee shop stops. If you get coffee at Starbucks or other local coffee shop everyday you are wasting money. Regular cup of coffee start at $1 in coffee shop, if you drinking lattes or other espresso drinks the tab may be closer to $4. Make coffee at home, even you buy expensive beans; you are save money toward your goal.

Cook family dinners instead of stopping at the drive thru. It is not difficult to spend $25 for a fast food dinner for your family. Make a healthier and tastier meal at home and you’ll have better food while saving money. Stop buying soda, drink water or make lemonade. You’ll save calories as well as money.
Get rid of your landline if you still have one in your home, use your cellphone as your primary telephone, there is no reason to have landline in the house.

Watch videos instead of going to the movies, you can rent DVDs on your favorite DVDs renting station. These movies are $1 per night and if you sign up for email notification you get occasional codes fro free movies.


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  2. Wow! Must try to implement this sound piece of advice at home :)