Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Scouting your price cuts is a smart habit. But when you are truly savings and when are you just throwing away precious pesos? Here are some tips to discern those discounts.

Watch out for sales of good items that are "about to expire, or old stock or with slightly damaged packaging". Be on the look out for products with rotten smell, slimy feel, discoloration molds, and bruising. Also refrain from purchasing cans that appear misshapen or bloated. The risk is.... keeping item for just a few days longer from the time you bought it may rub them of all their nutritional and health benefits. In addition, perishable products like dairy, fresh meat, poultry and seafood’s have a higher moisture content compare to other food - making them ideal breeding grounds for bacterial and more susceptible to contamination. This result is illness like diarrhea and abdominal pains. But if you still want it.... cook or use this perishable as soon as possible. Also make sure to buy the foods that are in season - it’s still cheap of good quality...

Watch out for the ingredients used and the texture steer clear of make-up products that contain ingredients not approved by the US food and drug administration; fragrance and preservative chemicals, biothional, hexachlorophene, vinyl choride and zirconium salts in earosal products, halogenated salicylanilides, choloform and methylene chloride. Foundation and wand-applied cosmetics such as lipstick and mascaras shouldn't have uncharacteristically clumpy or cake-like textures for this signs that the items have passed its expiry dates. Eye make-up should never contain any kohl a color additive often used to enhance the eyes appearance. It contains salts of heavy metals, such as antimony and lead and is not approved for cosmetic use. A kohl color item, however, is just fine. Lastly make-up brushes should feel smooth when you run them against your skin. Those made from natural materials, like squirrel and pony hairs, are your best bet. The risk.... cheaper brands usually do not blend well and do not look natural on the skin. Worst of all they can cause skin irritation. But you still want it... you have to test them out for a while to see if they work for you. Try the testers first, and see how the product blends into your skin. If it’s fine after a few hours of wearing it, then that's a go signal for you to buy it....


Watch out for discounted item with uneven stitching an prone to small holes when used or stretched. Cotton, linen and rayon are particularly known to shrink or expand, used or white silk, cotton and linen may discolor or bleed. "There’s usually a catch they may be sourced from china, factory overruns, last season designs or part of a clearance sale. The risk.... they simply won’t last long, they lose their original shape and colors’s after a few washing and get easily ripped. In the end, it is still waste of money. But if you still want it... make sure you give every item the once-over hook for clothes that are made of nice fabrics, such as linen for pants, cotton and light wool for taps, and tweed for just about anything. Interfacing and lining should be supportive, should be fastened securely and should not wrinkle the outer fabric. Construction also affects how the garments looks and retains it shapes; stitches for one ought to secure and have no loose ends be especially careful that add-ons or accessories are secure and that the zipper zip smoothly. Tip "splurge on quality basics because you'll want something you can wear for a long time. In facts, the trend right now is to mix high end pieces with cheap stuff to create a unique look. Update your wardrobe by buying a few cheap and trendy pieces that make your basics look different. Reminder, always keep the receipt just in case you want to return or exchange the items.

Watch out for unbranded medicines. Although there is a debate regarding generic versus brand name over the counter medicine, there's really nothing much to pit one against the other "whether generic or branded, the main ingredients are essentially the same they only vary in quality manufactured, which some of the branded ones are plant derived" but, all manufacturer have to pass the same standards. So you're just paying for the brand name. The risk... bewares of fake drug. But if you still want it... OTC medicine is also usually tamper evident so if any part of the packaging is broken in any way inform the sales person or pharmacist and purchase a fully sealed bottle. One more thing is always check the medicine each time you're about to take it. If it looks suspicious or different from what you've taken in past bring back to the drug store........

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