Thursday, June 30, 2011


Admit it; you can't live without your cell phone and your internet. At the same time, you complain that your bills shoot up to the skies every month. Like any other necessary expenses, you can cut down on phone and internet bill......

COMPARE WHAT YOU HAVE AND WHAT YOU NEED - when you think that your bills might be getting a little out of hand, keep stock of what you currently have. Ask your self the following question to determine how much you really have right now: Do you have a TV? How many TV set do you have? Does your computer have an internet connection? How many members of the family have cell phones? Who uses these services? Why do they use these services?

EXAMINE YOUR USAGE HABIT - "Its funny that we complain of our uncontrolled bills, like cellphone bills, but when we pass on jokes to others and we greet all our contacts during xmas or bday or any occasion etc... the "TINGI" mentality makes us think that we're saving, but its teaching us how to habitually spend in small amount until our bills is P1,000.00 or more na pala. If we are serious in cutting down the bills, we must re-think our usage habits. Expenses, no matter how small add up overtime and before you know it, you're paying a hefty amount at the end of the month. Take out your bills, and ask your self to the following to see which services your family really uses: Must all your TV sets have cables? How many cable channels does your family usually watch? Does your cellphone come with services such as Internet and GPRS connection? How often do you use them? How often do your children internet for studies and research work? How often do they use it to keep in touch with friends? This habit can make any households heroic attempts to control expenses. Oftentimes, we end up getting more services that we actually need "mabuti na yung meron kami nun kaysa sa wala" mentality. But carefully think about each service that you're getting and ask your self if you really can or can't do without those services. These services might be small, but how many more small features don't you use by pay for?

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