Monday, April 11, 2011

Is No Romance Without Finance Justified?

No romance without finance is a sentence that is so popular. It has been heard all over across the world and, in many ways, it is really sad. No romance without finance simply shows how material today's society has become. Love is being measured in terms of money and material things. Love and money have a very close association. Romance is something that is sold by some people. However, it will depend on your definition of romance. If you describe it as a good time leading to sexual pleasure then, prostitutes will be people who sell romance for finance. However, the sentence is mainly used to describe normal relationships where girls or young men get into relationships just for money. This is pretty common with young ladies today. If a man is not able financially, there will be no love to speak about. Has society become misguided or are the girls just realistic? This is a question to be answered individually. On the flip side, let us examine some of the legitimate factors which may lead young girls to prioritize finances.

No romance without finance emanates from the need to insist on responsibility. Many young men today have put the issue of responsibility on the back seat. For a girl to feel secure, the man must appear to take up the role of being a man and provide for her. When a man does this, they will be in a position to be labeled as promising in regard to life in a family setting. A relationship is serious business and, it shows how a man can be when you are together in marriage. Every girl wants a man who can provide and, this is one of the reasons why girls will say there is no romance without finance. Money has always been a motivation to many things and, girls will use this to get into financial bliss. In all honesty, we would all love to have an easy life and, when the ease is brought by a partner, well and good. Love and money do not mix very well and, it is vital for you to be objective in this regard. Many girls are gold diggers and, this is a fact that is not surprising at all. When girls or women are looking to enrich themselves through relationships, the value of love goes down. The depth and sanctity of romance is abused.

The saying no romance without finance has greatly tainted love. Most men with money are finding it very difficult to really trust girls. Love has really become elusive and, it is really hard to recognize the real thing. It is therefore very necessary to look at yourself as an individual. You need to keep a focus on what matters most to you. You need to be judged according to what your hearts holds dear. If you fall in love with a person who is not well up, will you dump them for money? These and more questions need to be answered by you. The best thing is to look for the real thing not just the finances. However, if your goal is just to be stable financially, you will go for what you are looking for.

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