Monday, February 28, 2011

Light On

Get the most out of your lamp save money and electricity with these lighting tips;

1. Avoid frequently flicking your lamp switch on and off. Continuous switching from on to off, and vise versa, causes a surge in electricity and can even affect the life of the lamp.

2. Replace your lamp with a new one once it has reached its average rated life. Once they have reached their rated life, they will begin to lose brightness, so you end up paying for the same amount of electricity but get less light.

3. Change your home's logn, fluorescent bulbs from T12 to T8. T12 bulbs are fatter and consume more energy compared to the slimmer T8. T12 everyone else has switched to the T8 which is more energy saving while providing the same level of brightness. It even has a longer life. It's easy you don't need to change your lighting fixture, just the bulb it sefl.

4. Replace your incandescent bulbs with CFLs. CFLs are 80% more energy efficient, give the same brightness, and last eight time longer. CFLs fit in the same sockets your home already has, and you can choose between white or yellow light.

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