Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family Financial Innovation

Are you one of the family easy newly married, or at least for the moment have one or two small children? If so, how do you manage the family's income?

In the case of family financial management, there is no term money sourced from the income the husband or wife. Because both men have agreed to build the household, the income one partner referred to as family income. In today's modern era, no longer the backbone of the family is the husband forever. Today many are also working wives. In addition, not a few of the wives who worked had since before marriage already have their own income.the wives who worked had since before marriage already have their own income.

To further the question is whether, if a wife who has long had its own income, then after getting married and keep working, income earned by the wife is only used for personal purposes? This should not happen, because married couples have essentially the same goal which is to meet the needs of his family. To change that, the couple should have commitment and family financial goals.

Commitment and financial goals;

First, commitments
by the time you settle down with your partner, it means you and your partner have been ready to share the income to meet your household needs. If you are still using individual ideology in your household, then there will be no different than life itself. What will often happen in the future due to financial problems? Therefore, you and your partner must have a commitment to share which is a foundation in managing family finances. If so far you and your partner are already with the paradigm of income is the right of each, then you and your spouse have to change the paradigm.

Second, determine the financial goals together.
Every family has the right to determine their family's financial goals. How many assets you want to have? How preparation fee schoolchildren? But that being said the key is how you make a priority of the family financial goals. Who should be in and what needs should come first.

Financial goals and revenue allocation
Third, how to achieve financial goals the family?
To achieve the necessary financial goals is to set aside income into savings, and if it is sufficient then the savings are used to meet family goals. More modern again, if the income is allocated to the investment set aside until eventually the numbers will continue to grow. And in the end amount will to meet the family's financial goals.

Another thing to do but set aside earnings into a savings is to buy a house or apartment with credit. For the next loan will be repaid from monthly income husband or wife. Here the husband and wife must have a collective agreement, if the desire to reach financial goals by means of credit. The consequences are there if this is done is each month you have to set aside income to pay the mortgage loan or an apartment. That causes a desire to spend funds for other purposes should be reduced.

Fourth, allocate revenue
Husband or wife should be able to allocate funds for revenue expenditure requirements daily. This can be achieved by way of income of both parties entered into a savings account, and this is called the family income. Then from income shall be selected where daily necessities and which are for investment. For this requires openness ushered the two sides.

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