Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ooops! Don't........

State a percentage salary increase... just because it sounds right. Salary increases or salary expectations should be based on incremental contributions to the company, a higher position, more responsibility and bigger work challenges. Pulling a number out of the air and saying "i just thing i deserve a 20% increase" isn't quite as convincing as backing up your request with facts and good reasoning.

Use personal reasons as a justification.... for higher salary expectations. You're paid a salary for work that you do for a company. Unless the job requires you to sacrifice something in your personal life, such as working on weekends or a reduction in your dependent's health benefits versus your last job, your personal life should not come into salary discussion.

Threaten to leave the company.... or play two offers from two different companies againts each other. Ideally, salary and benefits should be one among many reasons you commit to working for an organization. Enjoyment of your job, opportunity for growth or learning can be other reasons. Appearing to sell your services to the highest bidder signals you may not be committed or reliable, staying only long enough until the next best offer comes around...

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