Thursday, May 13, 2010

How I Got My First Card

I clearly remember how and when I got my first businesse card and how it made me realise at a young age what a little ingenuity and creativity can accomplish. Constantly being asked to leave or handover my business card I soon realised the potential marketing opportunity I was missing out on.

Like all people beginning their own business enterprise I had given consideration to marketing techniques and the most cost effective approaches to take. I had not however given consideration as to the 'power' of a business card.

The first batch of cards I brought from a machine at a motorway service station, it seemed like such a good idea at the time! However, the end result was needless to say pretty ropey quality! Time was of the essence and I gave little consideration to the few font styles, colours and formats on offer.

I learnt by my mistake and decided I would contact a friend who was adept and a computer whiz! We spent hours trying all sorts of combinations of layouts and fonts and eventually came up with what we believed to be a professional looking card!

I duly gave my new business card to everyone I met and even had the audacity to leave them at reception desks when carrying out cold calling. The responses where not as overwhelming as I had hoped for, nevertheless I did receive some calls and made some bookings so things were looking good and business was gradually building.

It wasn't until I started receiving and exchanging business cards that I became aware of the impact these can have. Next time you hand out your business card watch the person's reactions. Do they simply not even look at it and stow it away in their pocket? Do they glance at it and then place it in a briefcase or inside pocket? Or do they actually look and read it and confirm email address and contact numbers?

If they do the latter it shows that they are at least impressed by the look of the card and have intentions of using it. I'm now fascinated by reactions and watch people closely for those tell tale signs which show positive interest. Reactions are different if the person has requested a card and almost instantaneously you will be able to read their thoughts!

First impressions do count and I'm sure there is someone has carried out studies and provided statistical data as to what these signs mean in terms of the marketing values of having a professional business card. I wonder if it is a bit like buying a house where studies have shown that people make their decision within the first 8 seconds?

If this is the case having a professional business card printing firm design and produce top quality cards that will impress and give the right signals has got to be worth investing in! With online printers offering fast and efficient services at affordable prices there are no excuses to have outdated business cards with amateur designs!

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