Sunday, January 17, 2010

Manage your expenses

How to manage your everyday expenses while saving? List down your monthly income and expenses. Its a one way of identifying where your money come from and where it goes. List down all your sources of income every month so that you can plan your savings and expenses properly. Next, note down all your expenses for the month. It doesn't matter, how big or small the amount are, just write it all down. Keeping track of all your spending will show you if you are in the right track budget wise or if you are spending too much on thing that you don't really need........ Analyze each item in your expenses list. Ask your self: "Is there an item you can quit spending so much on? Is there a cheaper alternative you can tap?........ Open at least two bank account, money kept on hand is easily spend so better to deposit it at the bank. Get another account for your daily expenses and get another account four your emergency fund. When you separate your money into different account, they become easier to manage. If you follow this, sinisiguro ko sa inyo, that time will come mabibili ninyo ang dapat bilhin at hindi nyo kailangan mangutang......


  1. Great tips! By jotting down all the expenses, you can keep track of them and be conscious on spending them.

  2. "Open at least two bank account..."

    I don't know how much the fee charged the saving account in your country. But, the fee is a cost too, and open more than one account implies doubling the cost too.