Saturday, December 12, 2009

Stress free

With so many choices and so little time, it’s good to be prepared before handling to the supermarket.

*List down meal ideas for the week keep in mind which days you’ll have time to cook, and which days you’ll be pressed for time is short, opt for vegetable salad, steamed greens and ready to eat fortified food with low fat, cholesterol and sodium or salt.

*Organize the list check your menu options against the food guide pyramid to ensure that you have a variety of food that will provide all of your nutritional needs.

*Don’t forget snacks everyone enjoys a little boost between meals. Choose nutritious, great tasting snacks, such as low fat nuts, popcorn and fruits.

*Avoid going to the supermarket when you’re hungry. It’s easier to stick to the list if your have a full stomach.

*Set a routine establish a day and time when it’s easy for you to move quickly and easily through the supermarket.

*Save money buy fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season because these are cheaper…

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  1. Nice blog. I'll make a suggestion. Stick with a white (or light colored) font. I can't read this post, and some of the rainbow colored posts are kind of hurting my eyes.