Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marketing Tips That Make You Money

The basic strategies used in marketing offline could also apply to Internet marketing. In both cases the objective is for the investor to develop a strategy to reach a targeted audience or market segment and then entice members of this market to perform a desired action i.e. to subscribe, view a website, click on an advertisement or purchase the products or services.

It goes without saying that for many Internet marketers, the first step in their Internet marketing strategy is to find ways to drive traffic to their websites or blogs. One of the most effective Internet marketing tips is to do this is through search engine optimization (SEO) whereby websites and blogs are designed with content written in a manner which makes search engines believe the website is valuable to visitors searching for some particular keywords or phrases.

Every Internet marketing campaign starts with identifying the keywords that are searched for and are relevant to what your website offers. Your site should include keywords that your prospective clients key into the major search engines. Useful keyword research tools include Wordtracker, Overture and Keyword Discovery.

One of the most vital SEO techniques is to position your keywords within the title description for each page. It is important that the title tag is unique to ensure the subject matter of each page for the benefit of the search engines. This not only helps in your search engine rankings but also help users to identify the content of the page when they bookmark it.

SEO leads to more traffic to your website. The more SEO content that you have on your site, the higher will be your ranking on search engine results. The way to create SEO content is to make use of the right keywords on your web pages.

All Internet users are looking for information quickly without having to spend too much time in their search. They also rely on search engines to rank websites accurately and are much more likely to visit websites which are on the first one to two pages of results when they search for a particular keyword or phrase.

Websites which fall on the third page and those further down the list are not likely to generate much traffic through search engine results.

Having said this, SEO is not the only way to drive traffic to a particular website. Another popular method is to actively participate in discussion forums where those who share similar interests “meet” to share ideas, ask questions or compare notes. You could take part in theses forums by contributing ideas, answering questions or posting questions while including a link to your website in your signature is one way how you can drive additional traffic to your website.

One of the effective Internet marketing tips is to drive free traffic to your websites and blogs is by writing articles. Getting your own articles written, distributed and published on the Internet is one of the very best Internet marketing techniques in existence. Here again, the strategy of keyword research should apply.

Once you have managed to get your targeted audience to visit your website and blog it still does not mean anything positive in Internet marketing if you cannot covert them into customers.

The website must be designed in such a way that the visitors are enticed emotionally to purchase a product or service or to perform a desired action such as clicking on an advertisement. Show your prospects a group of testimonials that stand up for your product. People are more likely to agree with a group than have a different opinion.

The products or services must be of high quality and value to the visitors at reasonable prices. It should provide useful information and incentive to entice the visitors to make a purchase. Other useful Internet marketing tips include making your products appear to be rare and unique and using a limited time offer or free bonuses.

Pay per click websites typically have useful content as well as advertisements from vendors who may be of interest to the website visitors. Internet marketing tips such as providing content which trigger the visitor’s interest in the advertiser’s products will entice the visitor to click on the advertisement to learn more.


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